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Please also refer to our General Terms & Conditions. More detail can also be found in these FAQs.

Can I just come for a holiday?

Absolutely! With 2 of us doing the actual sailing, you can just sit back and enjoy being wafted from one island to the next. No experience necessary. If you want to pitch in, you’re welcome to do that too.

Do I need to know how to sail? Do I have to learn?

No, and no, absolutely not – you’re very welcome just to come along for the ride!

If we inspire you to want to learn, then so much the better. We specialise in helping people who may never have been on a boat before learn to sail and progress to a level where they are able to take a charter boat of their own for their holidays. But if you prefer just to be wafted around the islands, there will be no pressure on you to do anything other than relax.

How do I book?


If you want to book any of Sail YSL’s activities, please contact us or call 079 277 0623. We will send you a booking form to complete and, where applicable, a health declaration to sign. Please send these back to us as soon as possible.

How do I pay?

A non-refundable 50% deposit per person is required at the time of booking your charter or yachting course. The remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to the start of the trip. Payment is required in full at the time of booking if this is less than 8 weeks prior to the start of the trip.

Invoices are payable by bank transfer within 10 days. We can also accept payment by EC card, Visa and Mastercard. There is a 2.5% surcharge for payment by credit card.

Your place is not guaranteed until your deposit is paid. If the balance payment is not received on time, we reserve the right to resell your place, unless otherwise agreed. Any outstanding debts will be subject to a late payment fee of CHF 50 and we reserve the right to pursue debt collection proceedings if all other recourse has failed.

What information do you need from me?

It is a condition of participation in all Sail YSL activities that you provide us with full contact details. As a minimum we need your full name, address, phone number and/or mobile number and e-mail address. Details of next of kin / an emergency contact and a health declaration are required for all participants in on-water activities.

You will be able to provide all this information on the booking form and health declaration we send you when you book. Bookings are not deemed definitive until we have received these back from you.

We advise you to “like” our Facebook page where you can interact with us and your fellow sailors, including co-ordinating travel arrangements.

How many people can you take on a yacht?

The yachts we use normally have two double cabins for guests with the option to use the saloon as well. In other words, 4 or possibly 5 guests.

If you have a larger group, we can take a larger yacht by arrangement, or even a second boat. Ask us for more information.


Do I need to be able to speak fluent English?

It certainly helps and you will probably enjoy yourself more. However, our skipper is fluent in German (and can manage French and Dutch as well) so there shouldn’t be many communications barriers.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Non-swimmers are not excluded from yacht sailing, but will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times and the skipper must be informed.

Do you offer children's sailing?

Yes, and the RYA has a dinghy sailing scheme specifically aimed at children. We don’t specify a particular minimum age since all children are different – our youngest guest on our yacht Cloud Nine was just 3 years old!

However, if children are to take an active part in sailing, they must be mature enough to have developed co-ordination and balance and to understand and follow instructions. In practice this means school-age as a minimum for instruction. Parents are, of course, responsible for their own children and will obviously want to look after them, especially if they are very young.

Are food and travel included?

Travel is not included in our pricing; there are just too many options and variables. Please ask us for advice and to confirm your travel arrangements are workable. You can co-ordinate with other clients on the Sail YSL Facebook page.

In Greece, we usually provide the initial essentials such as condiments, first loaf of bread, tea, coffee, first milk etc. Thereafter we ask clients to chip into a kitty. €50 per person per week is normally a good starting point, depending on how often you want to eat in tavernas versus cooking on board.

What's on board the yacht? Do I need to bring my own lifejacket?


Our yacht is equipped with automatic gas-inflating lifejackets and harnesses for the maximum capacity of the yacht, but you are required to bring your own children’s lifejackets. If you’d prefer to bring your own lifejacket, feel free!

Bedding and ordinary towels are supplied but not beach towels. There is usually snorkelling equipment available on board too. Again, feel free to bring your own.

Galley equipment is supplied but if you have any special needs or requests, it’s advisable to bring your own supplies. We normally provide condiments and other basics.

A useful tip is to bring a tube of hand-wash liquid to cut down on the amount of clothing you need to pack – and there are usually clothes pegs on board too 🙂

A full equipment list can be found on Cloud Nine’s own dedicated website.

If you would like to buy your own specialist clothing, please get in touch – as a Gill reseller, we can offer you a discount.


What should I bring? Do I need special clothes?


The most important thing to bring is a sense of humour and a sense of adventure! On a more practical note, this information sheet should help you greatly:

Will there be people doing a course on the boat while I'm on holiday?

As a matter of principle, NO!
Of course it’s fine if you come as a couple or family and one of you wishes to do a course while the other(s) just wants a holiday. But we would never expect you to put up with people repeating manoeuvres while you just want to sit back and relax.

Do you run RYA practical courses?

Yes, with our partners at Jolly Parrot, Horizon Watersports and Seafarer Training – see our RYA FAQs.


What happens if I'm ill and can't travel?

If you are ill and can’t join us on the yacht, please let us know immediately as we will have to update the crew lists.

We can’t offer any refund, so we strongly advise you to take out adequate travel insurance. Of course, if you can find someone to take your place, then please feel free to organise that privately between you and let us know the updated details for the crew list immediately.

What happens if Sail YSL cancels an event?

We hope we don’t have to, but nobody can predict the future. If we do have to cancel an event for any reason, the fee for that event will not be refunded but can be credited to a future event.

We accept no liability for consequential damages and advise you to take out adequate travel insurance.

What about liability?

All activities are undertaken at your own risk. A waiver form must be signed for every person on the water.