Swiss practical exams

As Sail YSL specialises in dinghy sailing and yachting on the open sea, our policy is not to offer training specifically for the Swiss inland sailing or motor boat certificates. Dinghy sailing is, of course, excellent general training for all other qualifications and you will not regret the grounding it gives you for the Swiss sailing exam. We can recommend other schools for direct training for these qualifications.

If you want to take a Swiss inland qualification (A-Schein for motor or D-Schein for sail), however, you will probably be aware that the practical exams have to be taken in the local language, or at least you need to be able to communicate with the examiner in the local language, which is often a major stumbling block for expats. You are also required to provide your own crew for the sailing exam.

As a professionally-qualified interpreter and sailor, you can now hire me as your crew for your sailing exam in German-speaking cantons and I will act as interpreter for you so that you can communicate with your examiner and understand the instructions you are being given, whilst still being able to run your boat in English.

I have worked professionally as a translator and interpreter for over 25 years, I am a commercial Yachtmaster Offshore and sailing instructor, and I hold both the Swiss D-Schein and A-Schein.

Price: CHF 150 per exam plus travel

Send me a message or call me on 079 277 0623 for more information or to discuss availability.